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Centella Oil 28 Drop

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Overview Adding vitality to the skin for 28 days Spa oil care ampoule.
Weight 10ml x 4ea


Contains 76% Centella leaf in highly enriched base water to purely soothe skin.

Skin soothing Contains 76% Centella leaf in highly enriched base water to purely
soothe skin.
MoisturizingFull of watermelon and cucumber extract for moist, refreshing skin.
Adhesiveness Marine Complex (tm) is rich in minerals for excellent replenishing effects.

01 Contains Fito Complex (tm) for concentrated home spa soothing care for 28 days!
02 No purified water! Contains 76% Centella leaf for concentrated soothing and a reinforced moisture barrier.
03 Use without stickiness thanks to a highly functional, fresh ampoule
04 Whitening/anti-wrinkle functions beautify and bighten dark skin with anti-wrinkle care!

28 drops of Centella

Perfect for these people

ㆍPeple with dry, flaky skin even with cosmetics
ㆍPeple with red spots on mottled skin
ㆍPeple with lots of dead skin cells no matter how much they wash
ㆍPeple with crumbling, dull skin
ㆍPeple with largge pores whose makeup always clouds

A concented, soothing 28-day program

that reflects spa customers'
Two drops a day, one bottle per week!

Soothing ampoule massage like from a luxury spa!
Experience healthy skin in the best condition through 28-day special care!

Brightens red, mottled skin tones
and keeps them bright with it
core ingredients

Cooling effects that manage skin temperature
Watermelon, cucumber extract

Soothes irritated skin
Centella leaf, allantoin, witchhazel, calendula flower, white willow bark extract

Contains Mineral Complex (tm) rich in minerals for excellent replenishing
Sea trumpet, fusiformis, gaecheonggak, agar-agar, giant kelp, Fucus vesicolusis extract, seaweed, sea kale leaf extrat

Why is centella asiatica
good for skin?!

Reinforces barriers - Madekasikae seed 30%
Soothes irritation - Asiaticoside 40%
Skin protection - Asiatic acid 30%

Healthy care for irritated skin that soothes and reinforces a replenishing barrier.

Centella 28-drop coating and absorption

Gently spread the ampoule so it adheres moistly and refreshingly to your skin

Moisture and stickiness test

Moisture is quickly absorbed into skin without stickiness for healthy skin care

Dual functions - anti- wrinkle+whitening
Certified by the Food and Drugs Administration

Healthy, moist skin!

Centella 28 drops Ampoule

How to

Use at the step of essence, dispense appropriate amount Apply gently along the skin texture as if massaging the skin.


With mask sheet More effective before and after mask sheet and when used vitamin ampoule.

With essence or cream Mix with essence or cream on a dry day.

For make-up Mix with ampoule for tight make-up when applying BB cream or foundation.