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Clearing Auto Spin Brush

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Overview Between pores! No waste! Deep cleaning with the Spin Brush!
Weight Hair width 0.06mm

Clearing Auto Spin Brush

Between pores! No waste!
Deep cleaning with the Spin Brush!

Washing power
Stands up for simpler storage! Clean brush drying!

Dead skin & blackheads
0.06 mm brushes deep cleansing with the embo brush and massage effects all at once!

✔Skin texture
Smart bi-directional spin for free cleansing according to skin texture!

Perfect for these people
ㆍPeople who aren't refreshed even after washing
ㆍPeople who need dead skin cell care
ㆍPeople who want washing and skin care all at once
ㆍPeople with dark faces
ㆍPeople who need pore care
ㆍPeople worried about blackheads

Clearing Auto Spin Brush
About maxclinic's Clearing Auto Spin Brush

ㆍStands up Simple storage and brush drying!
ㆍFine Bristles separate for simple cleaning!
ㆍComforgable grip so it's easier to use!
ㆍWaterproof! Silicon rubber design safe even in wet Bathrooms and even in showers!

Upgraded embossed holes to gently touch skin without irritating it!
More cleansing effects!

Before > New

When washing by hand
All kinds of waste, blackheads, and
makeup accumulate in pores
untouched by hand washing

When washing with the Spin Brush
The fine brushes provide deep cleansing
into pores your hand can't touch

How to attach the brush

Insert in the right direction into the hexagonal
slot on the back of the brush until you hear a click.

How to use

STEP 01 Apply a fair amount of cleanser and gently massage.
STEP 02 Wet the brush with tepid water and press the run button.
STEP 03Gently massage.
STEP 04 Rinse with lukewarm water.

How to replace batteries
This product cover may be hard to detach to make it waterproof.

STEP 01 With your palm attached, push in the direction of the arrow to lift.
STEP 02 Remove the battery cover as in the picture on the left

How to store the brush

STEP 01 Rinse the brush in sufficient clean water.
STEP 02 Wring out water with an appropriate amount of force and then dry out of direct sunlight.

After use, turn off the power and remove the brush parts.
Rinse in running water and dry out of direct sunlight.