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Clearing Embo Massage Brush

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Overview Cleanse skin with rich and creamy foams between soft embo holes.
Weight Hair width 0.005mm


Clearing of pores you
can't touch with your hand

you can wash with luxuriant fresh cream
bubbles between dimpled, soft embo holes

ㆍFine bristles, smaller than pores, gently cleanse waste and makeup residue.
ㆍA peeling hole massage refreshingly removes dead skin cells and blackheads from inside pores.
ㆍA soft, fine brush removes waste from inside pores.
ㆍFine bubbles smooth crisp skin with an oxygen massage.
ㆍPore massage during washing promotes skin circulation and clears your complexion.

POINT 01 :Oxygen transfer is high between each dimpled hole, so fresh cream bubbles are more luxuriant!

POINT 02 :Round non-irritating peeling holes provide effective deep cleansing of waste and dead skin cells!

POINT 03 : A luxurious wood brush provides cleansing home care like that of a spa master!

Perfect for these people:

People who need a circulation massage on their dark face
Those who want blackhead and sebum care
People who want minute cleansing including makeup residue
Those who want to wash places their hands can't reach
Those who pay attention to dead skin cells and pore waste
People whose cosmetics flake because of their uneven skin

Brush characteristics

1. Stable grip perfect for one hand
2. Luxuriant bristles with dimpled holes
3. A fine downy brush with superfine fibers

Washing power

1. Waterproof eyeliner pencil was used on one hand.
2. The hand with makeup was massaged with the brush.
3. The makeup was cleanly removed after cleansing.



Apply a moderate amount of cleanser, then gently massage.
Wet Clearing Embo Massage Brush in sufficient water.
After wetting, gently roll it over your face to massage.
Wash in lukewarm water.

How to store

Rinse the brush in clean water after use.
Dry in a circle and wring out water.
Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.

Brush care Tip
Adjust the frequency of your brush use depending on your skin condition and type.
After use, wash the brush clean in water, then squeeze water out of the brush and spread the bristles.
Dry in a well-ventilated place.