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Cloud Embo Massage Brush

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Overview Whipped cream-like foam like soft cloud, cares wastes of skin, and also lifting up with fitness v pad on the back!
Weight Hair width 0.004mm


Reverse brush! Foam cleansing as soft as clouds!

When turned, with fitness V Pad Resiliently UP UP!

Maxclinic Cloude Embo Massage Brush
Whipped cream- like foam like soft cloud, cares wastes of skin,
and also lifting up with fitness v pad on the back!

From the seven soft embossing holes creates a form such as jelly bubbles, it is eliminated the residues in the skin.

Fitness pad on the back of the brush effective to maintain the elasticity and skin vitality.

Use soft embossed holes is elastic pore cleansing and has the effect that ongoing management of keratin.

Smooth skin texture and through management of keratin and deep cleansing. It is effective for managing transparently.

Use the brush to make hypoallergenic massage effect and skin blood circulation and clear skin when washing the face.

POINT 01Formation of ample whipped-cream like foam with 7 round embo balls!
POINT 02 Lifting up effect to the jaw line from fitness v pad on the back of the brush when washing face!
POINT 03 Combination of cleansing and massage pad. Caring inside and outside the skin in one go!
POINT 04 Maxclinic the first standing brush! Even more hygienic as you can store it standing up!

Please us it if
you need blood circulation massage to dull face
you want to treat black heads and sebum
you want to throughly clean make-up residue
you are bothered by dead skin cell and pore wastes
your makeup does not take because of uneven skin texture


01No more!
Skin wastes / make-up residue / Blackheads / Dead skin cells / Pore wastes / Sebum care / Uneven skin texture
Focused care with 7 types of Embo holes as soft as clouds!

02 UPUP!
With fitness v pad at the back of the brush, lifting upup from the jaw line! Double care of inside and outside the skin with both sides of the brush!

03 No more inconvenient drying method that easily caused contamination!
With fitted to hands grip, cloud embo brush that can be stored standing up!

Cloud Embo Massage Brush
Detergency test

How to use the brush

Apply sufficient amount of reverse oil cleanser to
the brush and gently massage on the face.
Using a cloud brush board Smoothly massage it on your face.
After the cloud brush moistened in water Rolling to Smoothly massage on the face.
Then wash off with tepid water

How to store the brush

After use, wash the brush with clean water.
Hold the brush hair tightly to sqeeze water out.
Widen brush hair and store standing up at highly-ventilated places.