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CollagenEX Treatment Essence

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Overview Contains 80% penetrating collagen to fill your skin with moisture An elasticity essence with long-lasting moisture
Weight 150ml


Soothing, refreshing moisture
Contains 80% penetrating collagen to fill your skin with moisture
An elasticity essence with long-lasting moisture

COLLAGEN EXTRACT Contains 80% penetrating collagen
NEW TEXTURE New texture
MOIST SUPPLY Supplies concentrated moisture

ㆍContains penetrating collagen to increase moisture supply Helps keep skin tight.
Contains marine collagen for more hydration Helps metabolism to cultivate shine.
Helps restore skin to its optimum condition with swallow's nest extract, rich in amino acides.
Balances sebum secretion to prevent skin irritation.
Contains tree ear for flexibility and moisture without stickiness More absorbent for smooth, shining skin.

POINT 01 Contains about 80% Penetrating hydrolyzed collagen for easy absorption into skin

POINT 02 Essential replenishing that's gently absorbed into your skin!

POINT 03 Stops moisture evaporation within skin and provides collagen wrapping of skin surface for tight, elastic care!

POINT 04 Whitening/anti-wrinkle functions beautify and brighten dark skin with anti-wrinkle care!

Collagen EX
treatment essence

Perfect for these people
ㆍThose worried about dark, rough skin
ㆍPeople with extremely dry skin after washing
ㆍThose worried about loose skin
ㆍPeople worried about cracking, flaking makeup
ㆍPeople worried about fine wrinkles and the area around their eyes

Collagen EX treatment essence blitz!
Clearly fills with collagen right from the start.

1. Contains 80% hydrolyzed collagen
80% penetrating hydrolyzed collagen in a low molecular state to effectively transmit moisture and nutrients to the skin.

2. Tight grains! Tight texture
Tight grains burst, providing abundant moisture to the skin through gentle absorption.

3. The contents provide intact moisture
No added chemicals, production techniques alone are used to make tight grains.

No more toner with 90% purified water!
The core of elasticity! Contains about 80% collagen!

WHY? Why collagen?
Collagen responds to decreased elasticity and drynes with moisture for dual care! Hydrolyzed collagen is more easily absorbed into skin than animal collagen because of its molecules and provides replenishing and elasticity.

Moisturizing - Replenishes moisture to stop dryness Care for tight skin
Skin elasticity - Restores healthy dermis Adds elasticity and shine to your skin
Controls sebum - Balanced sebum control to help prevent skin concerns.

ㆍMoisture is lost before using mist serum and collagen fibers
ㆍCollagen supply and a protective moisture barrier after using mist serum

Hydrolyzed collagen replenishes skin collagen and supplies moisture
without missing a spot to give you tighter, more elastic, moist skin.

Main ingredients of Collagen EX Treatment Essence
Quadruply elasticity/moisture care system!

More elasticity - Helps improve skin elasticity through moisture supply
Moisture protection - Helps skin flexibility by holding in moisture
More shine - Helps give you clear, glowing skin
Moisturizing - Increases skin hydration to keep it moist

No more dark skin or crow's feet!
Dual functions-anti-wrinkle +whitening

How to Use
Shake Collagen EX treatment Essence 3-4 times after washing your face,
then apply a moderate amount and gently rub in, following your skin texture.