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Dual Cloud Embo Brush Pure Green

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Overview Thoroughly cleanses the skin with soft and fine bristles
Weight Hair width 0.05mm

Dual Cloud Embo Brush Pure Green

Wraps like a cloud for gentle foam cleansing

✔Washing power Thoroughly cleanses the skin with soft and fine bristles
✔Dead skin & blackheads Soft like a cloud from 7 embo holes with this foam massage brush!
✔Skin texture Smoothen out your skin with a dense bubble massage created through 7 embo holes!

Point 01 Deep cleansing The 7 bumpy embo holes and even softer fine brushes thoroughly cleanse skin waste and residual makeup.
Point 02Dense bubbles massage Smoothens out the skin by cleansing like a massage with soft and bouncy foam.
Point 03 Stable use! Can be used stably with a stand for easy storage and a comfortable grip.
Point 04Convenient cleansing homecare The fitness pad on the back of the brush maintains skin radiance and resilience.

Dual Cloud Embo Brush When you need

When you need to control your blackheads and sebum
When you want to thoroughly cleanse away residual makeup
When you want to cleanse deep into the areas where your fingertips can't reach
When you're concerned about flaking dead skin and trapped pure impurities
When your makeup begins to flake because of rough and coarse skin

Dual Cloud Embo Brush Features

01 The white embossed bristles in the middle of the brush reach deep into your nose and chin and remove whiteheads and make a supple and clean complexion without any irritation! The 0.005mm dual bristles reaches every inch of your skin!

02No more inconvenient drying method that easily caused contamination!
With fitted to hands grip, cloud embo brush that can be stored standing up!

03 With fitness v pad at the back of the brush, lifting upup from the jaw line!
Double care of inside and outside the skin with both sides of the brush!

Cleansing test

Waterproof product drawn on the hands
Massage with Dual Cloud Embo Brush with makeup applied on hands
Completely removed makeup after cleansing


STEP 01Apply a fair amount of cleanser and gently massage.
STEP 02 Apply plenty of water on Dual Cloud Embo Brush
STEP 03 Gently massage.
STEP 04Rinse with lukewarm water.

Brush storage TIP

ㆍAfter using the brush, thoroughly rinse with water.
Squeeze into a circle and remove excess water.
Dry the brush and store upright in a dry and well-ventilated area.