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Face Spa Collagen Firming Mask

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Overview Skin care recipe from hotel spa! Intensive elasticity, nourishment, hydration care all together.
Weight 4 sheets / 18ml Per sheet

Collagen Firming Mask

Face spa collagen firming treatment

Perfect for these people

+ Those not satisfied with edible collagen.
+ Those wanting moisturizd skin with no stickiness.
+ Those wating immediate care for dry skin.
+ Those wanting special spa program in a simple way.
+ Those with combination or oily skin but lack of hydration.
+ Those wating detail care for wrinkles.

Perfect adhernece to the skin!! Tencel sheet

Environmentally friendly material extracted from eucalytus tree.

ㆍ Even sensitive skin type is OK! With silky soft material.
Better absorbency than cutton.
Durability equal to polyester.
Skin friendly due to recycled tree material.
Nature friendly textile degradable after usage.

Special collagen firming treatement from spa

Essentical components moisturizing and nourishing!

Hydrolyzed collgen extractHydrates skin and prevents dryness Helps skin dewy, soft and even textured.
Cocoon extract Drumstick seed oil (Moringa pterygosperma seed oil) Contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-aging, purifying components Helping skin healthy.
R-Spider Polypeptide-1 Be forming skin protection layer with water locking effect Helping skin smooth textured.


How to use face spa collagen firming treatment!

Take out the mask and spread it into the shape of a face.
Adhere the sheet onto the face thoroughly.
ㆍRemove the sheet after 15~30 min pat remaining essence around the face for absorption.