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Lux Edition Control Massage Cream

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Overview A double massage effect with a moist cream massage and gentle oil massage!
Weight 200ml
Lux Edition Control Massage Cream
Massage solution to control elasticity

✔Skin elasticity care Professional care through self-massage for concentrated skin care to improve elasticity
✔Skin barrier care Ceramide firm the weakened skin barrier and coats it to block out outside elements
✔Nutrition care Highly-enriched vegetable oil gently melts onto skin providing an exuberant massage and high nutrition

(Limited to the characteristics of raw materials)

01Main collagen Collagen nutrients densely and solidly fills the skin!
02Skin barrier coating The ingredient of ceramide firmly coats the skin barrier to prevent the evaporation of moisture!
03Home aesthetic spa treatment Three minutes a day! A special spa treatment that can be done easily at home!
04 Double massage care! A special formula of gentle and soft cream that turns into warm oil! A double massage effect with a moist cream massage and gentle oil massage!

When the Lux Edition Control Massage Cream is neccesary

When the complexion is dark and lifeless For special care before important events When skin lacks elasticity and life When the jawline is droopy and laugh lines are deep When the complexion appears dark When wrinkles around the eyes become prominent When makeup does not set and skin appears cakey

Nutrition care spa professionals use Collagen double massage for home care!

| A double type with a moist cream formulation that turns into soft oil when rolled on the skin

| The double massage of cream and oil concentratedly fills the skin with collagen for amply firm and healthy sin condition at home!

Do you have a skin barrier?
The secret to a firm skin barrier

As the main ingredient that occupies over 50% of the skin's outer layer, it prevents the excess evaporation of moisture from the skin to help skin maintain full of moisture through ceramide.
[Limited to the characteristics of raw materials]

|Collapsed skin with lack of ceramide Collapsed balance leads to the desline of the hydration barrier and moisture easily evaporates off the skin.
|Healthy skin with abundant ceramide Suppresses the evaporation of moisture
and maintains firm skin.

Awakens the potential for skin elasticity

Ceramide Blocks outside elements, Prevents the evaporation of moisture
JIN-P Ceramide™ (Ceramide NP, Ceramide NS, Ceramide EOP, Ceramide AP)

Collagen Skin elasticity, hydration
Collagen (Water, 1, 2-Hexanediol, Hydrolyzed Collagen) JIN-P collagen™ (Olie Oil, Collagen, Centella Asiatica Leaf, Sunflower Seed Oil)

Nutrient rich oil Full massage sensation, deep sense of nutrition
(Tuber Aestivum, Olive Oil, Argan Oil Sunflower Seed Oil,)

Argan oil / Tuber Aestivum Extract / Sunflower Seed Oil / Olive Oil
[Limited to the characteristics of raw materials]


Three minutes a day! Spa elasticity treatment

STEP 1Apply a full and generous amount after washing and drying the face. Includes a spatula inside the lid~!
STEP 2 Massage gently for 3~5 minutes and when it turns into oil, finish massaging for 1 minute.
STEP 3 After massaging, use a tissue to lightly press and remove any remaining oil on
the surface of the skin (You can lightly wash your face to your personal preference)

Repeat these steps! An elastic massage for a younger face

ㆍForehead & temple massage
Eyebrow & eye massage
Cheekbone massage
Nasolabial fold & lip line massage

V massage
Nodi lymphatici faciales massage
Collarbone & shoulder massage