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PESTLO™ The Seed Real Collagen Mask [Pack of 2]

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PESTLO™applies strong healing power sought from natural ingredients in its products to solve any skin problems. The brand collaborates and renews great prescriptions according to new biotechnology. Furthermore, PESTLO™ provides a marvelous solution for the skin concerns of women with vast acknowledgment and philosophy to make a wonderful way of addressing all skin troubles.


  • Use tropical rare natural algae (seaweed seeds) in the Indian ocean
  • Natural collagen sheet mask. 100% natural vegetable collagen produced without purification and extraction process.
  • Moist and elastic care. It is made up of collagen protein, various vitamins, and minerals, making your skin moist and elastic.
  • For all skin types. It is hypoallergenic with its 100% natural ingredients Good for people with sensitive skin.
  • 100% natural ingredients. Not included preservatives, chemical additives, harmful ingredients.


  • Enhancing the elasticity of wrinkled skin.
  • Moisturizing and skin-soothing.
  • The natural vegetable collagen mask sheet made from natural seaweed seeds.
  • Gives you moist and young-looking skin.
  • Hypoallergenic with its 100% natural ingredients Good for people with sensitive skin.



  • Pour the 30ml water into the seed pack container and stir them with a spatula until the pack thickens.
  • Apply the mask onto a cleansed face using fingertips, avoiding the eye area.
  • Remove after 15-20 minutes and massage gently with light motions. No need to rinse.
  • Use once a week or as often as needed.


Natural Seaweed Seed