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Propolis Black Mask

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Overview skin with natural ingredients Manuka honey and royal jelly control oil/moisture balance for strong, moist skin
Weight 4Sheet / 20ml Per sheet

Visible skin change,MAXCLINIC

3 nutrients from bees offer moisturizing care without dryness

Supplies nutrients
Black sesame,black bean, black rice,black food ingredients help moisturize and supply nutrients to loose skin

Padded cellulose hole sheets match the curves of your skin for easy, fine adhesion

01 Black bee propolis moistens
skin with natural ingredients Manuka honey and royal jelly control oil/ moisture balance for strong, moist skin
02 Natural black food ingredients
Black food including black sesame, black beans, and black rice supplies nutrients to loose skin to restore to shine and elasticity
03 Dual functional whitening/anti-wrinkle cosmetic
Contains whitening / anti-wrinkle ingredients that beautiful and brighten dark skin Restores elasticity to wrinkled skin
04 Black holes sheet adheres completely
Cellulose hole sheet matches skin curves to adhere perfectly Fine care of much,eye,and nose areas

The perfect time for Black Bee Mask pack
+If your skin stretches no matter what you do
+If your skin is dry and dull
+If your skin is crumbly overall with white dead skin cells
+If your skin conditioning changes a lot with the seasons
+If your eyes get wrinkly in the evening
+If your skin looks tired even when you get up in the morning

The honey secret of a mask pack!

Black bee propolis
Valuable black bee propolis from Provence
Reinforces skin barriers Skin soothing and nutrients

Manuka honey
Pure New Zealand Manuka honey
Forms a moisture barrier supplies rich nutrients

Royal jelly
Nutrients made by bees are the rich food of queen bees
Restores skin luster Moisturizing

Perfect adhesion to the skin! Black hole sheet

Propolis extract inside the holes!

ㆍBumpy essence hole sheet!
Gel essence between each hole Water wrap pack effects without leaking

ㆍThe full sheet adheres perfectly to your skin!
The cellulose sheet with excellent adhesion cares for your entire skin without flaking even as time goes by!

ㆍCut to much the curves of skin
Cut match the curves of skin for delicate care of eye,nose,and lip areas to remove wrinkles!


ㆍBlack bee Propolis extract - Improves skin barrier protects and soothes skin
ㆍRoyal jelly extract - Improves skin luster Supplies moisture
ㆍManuka honey - Forms a moisture barrier Helps with moisturizing skin care
ㆍBlack bean - Rich in vitamin E to help make your skin more elastic!
ㆍBlack rice - Contains isoflavone to keep skin moist
ㆍBlack sesame - Helps provide tight clear,skin care


ㆍTidy skin after washing and then take out the mask and spread, matching the shape of your face.
ㆍAttach the sheet to your face completely.
ㆍRemove the mask 15-30 minutes after attaching and tap so the remaining essence is absorbed.