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Radiance Deep Cleansing Brush Purple

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$120.00 USD
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$120.00 USD
Overview Fine-haired brush rotates in both directions to cleanse and massage skin texture without irritating skin.
Weight Hair width 0.003mm

On days you don't want to move a muscle Total cleansing with a spin brush!
The Embo Brush turns in both directions for non-irritating cleansing and massage with your skin texture

Washing / Improved circulation / Skin surface / Dead skin cells & blackheads / Pores& sebum

ㆍRemove minute dead skin cells and waste from between skin curves to increase absorption.
Fine bristles turn both directions for moist skin as if you'd received expert care.
you can finish your troublesome triple washing in just 1 minute with the Spin Brush.
A tiny bubble oxygen massage smooths crumbling skin
A non-irritating massage smooths crumbling skin.
A non-irritating massage during washing aids skin circulation and clears your complexion.

POINT 01 Max hit bristle reappearance Gentle care foe skin curves with 0.003 mm fine bristles
POINT 02 Smart bi-directional spin Turns left and right for cleansing with natural materials depending on your skin texture
POINT 03 Comfortable grip A cost-effective,tidy design and stable grip
POINT 04 Waterproof OK even if it touches water Can be conveniently used in the bathroom,too

Perfect for these people
✔People who need a circulation massage on their dark face
✔Those who want blackhead and sebum care
✔People who want minute cleansing including makeup residue
✔Those who want to wash places their hands can't reach
✔Those who pay attention to dead skin cells and pore waste
✔People whose cosmetics flakes because of their uneven skin

Fits in one hand Tidy size!

Power button / Reverse button
Push the button once to operate the brush and once more to reverse its direction. Press one more time to stop.

Soft 0.004 mm Fine bristles
Max Clinic's unique rounding fine bristles
ㆍOur ordinary brush vs Radiance Deep Cleansing Spin Brush

How to use Radiance Deep Cleansing Spin Brush

ㆍPump Reversing Oil Cleanser at least 4 times and spread evenly on your face.

ㆍGently wet the brush in lukewarm water and then press the Start button.

ㆍDo not exert force on your hand, but gently massage with bubbles according to your skin texture.

ㆍAfter massaging, wash clean in lukewarm water.

How to attach the brush
Insert the right direction into the hexagonal slot on the back of the brush until you hear a click

ㆍInsert until there are no gaps between the brush body and brush.

How to replace the battery

1 Hold the brush pointing downward and push your palm against
2 With your palm attached, push in the direction of the arrow to lift.
3 Remove the battery cover as in the picture on the left.
4 Push the cover horizontally into the slot.

*This product cover may be hard to detach to make it waterproof.

Brush storage method

STEP 01 Rinse the brush in sufficient clean water.
STEP 02 Wring out water with an appropriate amount of force and then dry out of direct sunlight.

*After use,turn off the power and remove the brush part. Rinse in running water and dry out of direct sunlight.