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Royal Jelly Ampoule Mask

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Overview Skin care for hydrated, glowing skin with highly moisturizing nutrients
Weight 10Sheet / 20ml Per sheet

One honey mask pack per day! Glowing,radiant skin!

Moisture & nutrients
Skin care for hydrated,glowing skin with highly moisturizing nutrients

Double function
Contains brightening & wrinkle improving ingredients announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

The cellulose sheet adheres firmly onto the skin with no gaps

01 Patented Royal Jelly + Moisturizing Ingredient, 'Aquaxyl'
Propolis,royal jelly,and synergy honey supply highly moisturizing nutrients to dry and flaky skin.
02 Brightening /Wrinkle improving Functions
The brightening/wrinkle improving ingredients announced by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety help enhance skin radiance and elasticity
03 Perfectly Adhering Cellulose Sheet
The cellulose sheet,which is almost transparently thin,has excellent adherence and is immersed in the honey ampoule,
helping it get absorbed into the skin.

When you need the Royal Jelly Ampoule Mask
Your skin feels tight no matter how often you apply moisturizer

Your skin lacks radiance and is parched
You have peeling dead skin cells and your skin looks flaky
Your skin condition changes a lot with a change in seasons
The fine wrinkles on your face become more visible at night
Your skin looks tired and exhausted even after a good night's sleep

Making your skin glow with one sheet of Royal Jelly Ampoule Mask!

The royal ampoule contains royal jelly,honey,propolis and patented nutrients Give your skin every last drop with
the high-adherence sheet!

ㆍNutrient supply
Moisture barrier formation
Elasticity enhancement

"High-protein nutrients"
"A rare substance,with only 100g produced annually by 50,000 bees"

Royal jelly
Royal jelly helps improve skin elasticity by assisting with the formation of skin collagen
*This description is limited to the characteristics of the ingredients

Perfectly adheres to the skin!
Cellulose sheet

ㆍThis new material,which is thin enough to reveal your skin tone,sticks right onto the skin!
The soft,silky texture is safe for even sensitive skin!
The strong durability compared to other sheets prevents stretching and ripping when immersed in essence.
Strong adherence that rapidly delivers the essence right into the skin.

Main ingredients of Royal Jelly Ampoule Mask

ㆍRoyal Jelly
Patented moisturizing ingredient 'Aquaxyl'
'Synergy Honey' naturally extracted from honey
Propolis Extract
'Honey Complex' extracted from various plants
'White honey' 'extracted from Hawaiian Kiawe

How to use
How to use the Royal Jelly Ampoule Mask

ㆍAfter cleansing,gently smooth out the skin tone with toner. Then,take out the mask and apply to your face,lining it up with your face.
Firmly apply the sheet to your face so there are no gaps between the sheet and your skin.
After 15-30 minutes,remove the mask and pat in the remaining essence to let your skin absorb it.