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Time Return Melatonin Cream Mask Sheet

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Overview Contains 200 ppm of 99% pure melatonin liposome! Instant nourishment charge, like after a good night's sleep!
Weight 4Sheet / 28g Per sheet

Time Return Melatonin Cream Mask Sheet
Bright, radiant skin, like after a good night's sleep!

✔Moisture & Soothing Celery & cherry ingredients moisturize and soothe the skin
✔Elasticity Melatonin and adenosine ingredients make the skin dense and elastic
✔Brightening The niacinamide ingredient makes skin look bright and clear

POINT 01 Contains 200 ppm of 99% pure melatonin liposome
Melatonin, a core ingredient of skin regeneration during sleep
Melatonin, the hormone whose generation decreases with aging, made into an ingredient! The liposomized melatonin ingredient makes skin elastic and firm.

POINT 02 Instant nourishment charge, like after a good night's sleep!
Mask pack for revitalized skin
Melatonin liposome, functional niacinamide, and adenosine ingredients provide nourished, revitalized skin by taking care of overall skin problems such as moisture, skin tone, and wrinkles.

POINT 03 Nourishment & radiance UP residue DOWN
The mask full of nourishment and creamy moisture
The highly moisturizing mask sheet restores the skin's oil and moisture balance, providing radiance to skin with plant-derived oils and hyaluronic acid ingredients..

Closely adhering tencel sheet!

+Soft contact, like micro fiber
+Fine pore structure effectively retains active substances
+Tightly adhering; excellent adherence

One bottle of cream full of nourishment in the melatonin mask pack

One sheet of highly concentrated cream mask with ample cream removes blemishes and makes skin look clean and bright, filling the skin with elasticity!

Moisturizing & soothing / Elasticity / Brightening

Core ingredients

ㆍMoisturizing effect
Ceramide NP
Plant - derived oil

ㆍMoisturizing soothing effects
2 types of hyaluronic acid

ㆍRegeneration elasticity effects
Melatonin (10 ppm)
Melatonin liposome (200ppm)

How to

STEP 01After washing the face, tidy up skin texture.
STEP 02 Press the mask closely onto the face.
STEP 03After 10-20 minutes, lightly pat the face to promote absorption of the remaining essence into the skin.