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VT Cosmetics

VT Spot Patch (3ea)

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$4.65 USD
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$6.75 USD
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$4.65 USD
Overview Beauty is another fashion!
VT reads the trends, understands the trends, and leads the trends of beauty!
VT is a global K-Beauty concept brand which understands and reinterprets K-beauty in a broader concept in order to simply present the natural raw material, beauty science technology, and trendy message.
Beauty comes to life not only by basic skincare products but also by various categories such as oral, hair, household supplies, etc.
Weight 10g (0.02 lbs)
- Quantity and Sphere : 10mm*18EA + 12mm * 30EA
- Cares for the wounds without touching it
- Protects the scar or acne on the face

Suggested Use
1 Clean the spot area and dry it.
2 Tear off the release paper along the knife line and attach it to the spot.
3 If the product swells white after 8-12 hours, carefully remove it from the edge.