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Water Lift Moisture Eye Patch

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Awaken skin's youthful look as if having received skincare treatment from an aesthetics clinic

✔Intensive moisture
Hyaluronic Acid+Ceramide Combination of blue Flower Complex,
Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide for intensive moisturizing

✔Highly concentrated hydrogel
90% hydrogel substance instantly soothes skin and provides a soothing feeling

✔Brightening, wrinkle improvement
Contains Niacinamide Helps skin brightening and anti-wrinkles
(Limited to the characteristics of the ingredients)

For moisturize,elastic around the eyes

Moisture intensive water lift care

Moisturizing care for elastic skin around the eyes
Blue Flower Complex provides more elastic skin by densely filling the skin

Filling moisture and strengthening skin-barrier
Ceramide substance provides a strong moisture barrier by preventing moisture evaporation
and keeps skin moisturized and protects skin from the external environment.

Moisture supply
90% hydrogel substance has excellent adherence,and provides moisturized skin around the eyes
by effectively delivering essence to the skin.

Perfectly fit into skin without sliding down!
Highly concentrated hydrogel patch

01 Perfectly fit into skin without sliding down!
Hydrogel substance does not slide down,has excellent adherence and forms a viscous and firm sheet

02 Highly concentrated essence
Effectively delives essence to skin A soothing effect with abundant moisture and nourishment

03 A moisturizing feeling of use
Moisturizing and cool feeling of use of highly concentrated essence

04 NO hassle!
Conveniently without a complicated procedure or sticky feeling Use daily

Hydrogel patch that is absorbed into the skin after melting

As active substances of hydrogel slowly melt,they improve skin elasticity after absorption into the skin

Fills with moisture,improves elasticity
Moisture + elasticity recipe
Elasticity care that densely fills skin while rising up firmly!

ㆍHyaluronic Acid - Skin moisturizing factor,excellent moisture absorption

ㆍCeramide - Prevents evaporation

ㆍBlue Flower Complex - Protects ad soothes skin

Multi use of eye patch

Good all skin types with low elasticity to the skin around the eyes

ㆍSkin between the eyebrows
Around the eyes
Around the mouth

After washing the face and making skin even,attach the patch on areas that need care.

Remove after 20-40 minutes and lightly tap the face to promote the absorption of remaining essence into the skin.

MAXCLINIC Water Lift Moisture Eye patch TIP
ㆍTo use eye masks daily without hassle
When having dull skin around the eyes
To relieve sensitive skin around the eyes with low-irritant product
To reduce deep smile lines
To have skin elasticity and brightening care