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Wood Spa Brush

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$16.00 USD
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$29.99 USD
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The secret of the brush with the refreshment of a spa

✔Washing power
Soft fine bristles help with clean skin cleansing

✔Dead skin&blackheads
8 embossed holes for deep cleansing of skin impurities and dead skin

✔Skin texture
Fine foam massage for smooth skin!

01 Deep cleansing
8 separated embossed holes with soft fine bristles perfectly remove skin impurities and makeup for clean cleansing

02 Comfortable usage!
A comfortable grip and a size that fits right in the hand for convenient use!

03 Foam massage
Massage with foam as fine as whipped cream and cleanse for smooth skin

04 Cleansing home care
A high-quality wooden brush for home care cleansing like a treatment from a spa master!

When the wood spa brush is absolutely necessary
When blackhead and sebum care is necessary For thorough cleansing of makeup residue For cleansing in places fingertips cannot reach When concerned about dead skin and pore impurities When makeup does not set over uneven skin texture

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